Glute Bridges 101

The Must Do Exercise For Women Over 40

Ladies, whether you are currently exercising or just starting out, here is the first and foremost exercise you need to add today to your workout arsenal – the glute bridge. It is an exercise of beauty because it works the large muscles of the butt (think fat burning), is easy on the lower back (think low injury risk), can be done anywhere (think easy and time-saving), and is a big bang for your buck butt exercise (think recapturing that young butt you once had).

The benefits of doing glute bridges are many:

  • Improved posture
  • Strengthened core
  • Improved lower back strength and lowered back pain
  • Lessened knee pain
  • And of course a more toned, stronger butt!

So What is a Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge is a great booty burning exercise that works the gluteus maximus, thighs, hips, core, and hamstrings.  When you are doing these correctly you will feel the squeeze under your glutes.  Essentially, a glute bridge is a floor exercise, and it can be done with or without weights.

When doing a glute bridge without weights or bands you can go for several sets of high repetitions. I usually work in 3 sets of 20, 30, even 50 reps with my clients.

Here’s how to do a glute bridge:

  • Lie with your back on the floor or ground, knees bent at 90 degrees, and feet flat on the floor.
  • Your feet should be hip-width apart and close to your butt. To protect the lower back contract your glutes and squeeze your abs.
  • Continue contracting as you lift your hips up off the floor and then lower back to the floor with control.
  • For added benefit do not rush your bridges, take the time to pause at the top and feel your glutes really fire

I am demonstrating the glute bridge in the video below.  I may have to post the blooper video with Jax trying to join in.  I’ll do an upcoming video of the various progressions.  Your husbands can thank me later 🙂

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